Christa’s Bio


Hello, it’s time to create!

There is a universe of creative possibilities out there. If you can dream it, I can design it!
There is a universe of creative possibilities out there. If you can dream it, I can design it!

So let’s get to it!

My name is Christa and I’m what you’d call a designer.

What does that mean? It means I get creative all the time! I have the fortunate job of getting my hands dirty creating for other.

In short, I am a graphic designer, web designer, illustrator, photographer, writer, author, Charlie Chaplin impersonator and full-time creative activist.

When I’m creating for you, I am committed to seeing your vision become a reality. And that starts with listening. In this modern world of high-tech everything, I believe in doing one simple task, hearing you.

It is listening to your vision that gets the creative process going and then the fun can begin!

From inception of an idea until the vision is a finished product, I enjoy using my creative talents to help bring the imagined to life…

What is it you imagine? And how can I help you bring it to life?


The serious stuff…

What Qualifies me to do your project?

Well to start, I’ve been doing the creative thing my whole life! Remember that kid who spent all their time in the art room? If you do, that was me!  And then I went on to get my degrees to prove my passion for it. I have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, and associates in studio art. I thought about continuing on with my masters, but decided real life experience living in New York City was a better avenue to pursue. I ended up with a 4 year gig working as the web master/designer/photographer/project manager at Mood Designer Fabrics. I oversaw an entire redesign of and facilitated the launch of their–now highly successful–eCommerce website. In general, I was affectionately known as the “go to” girl!

However, my home town roots and writing aspirations called me back to Boston. And it’s where I remain today.

Since then, I published a book and have jumped back into the fascinating world of web design.  My true love is building WordPress sites. I make it my priority to stay up-to-date on new trends in design, marketing, and social media outreach.

My favorite clients are individuals, small businesses, and the nonprofit field because it allows for more personal contact and an opportunity to work for the greater good; it’s the activist in me shining through!



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